10 Most Bizzarre Instagram Accounts

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The world of social media has expanded and grown ever since the internet became a viable option for people to connect and to communicate. We’ve come a long ways since our first foray into MySpace and now media applications like Instagram and Twitter are ruling the web-verse. With access to the applications available worldwide, there are tons of accounts ranging from the benign to the bizarre. We decided to look into the 10 most bizarre Instagram accounts that we could find. Simply click on the name and be directed to the account so that you can follow them in all of their ‘W.T.F’ glory.

Miserable Men

If you have ever walked through a mall, traipsed through a clothing store, or just dated a shopper then you are aware of how miserable co-shopping can be. We’ve all seen the little couches set outside of dressing rooms that look like prison cells, where men with purses come to congregate, and commiserate, with one another. This Instagram account goes first hand into these shopping centers in order to capture these miserable men at their most disheartened. There is something intrinsically hilarious about a group of men with head bowed, accepting the defeat laid upon them. However, it is also kind of sad… Still, if you catch yourself wandering by these estranged souls make sure to snap a picture and hashtag it appropriately!

Man Down!

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