9 Celebrities With Amazing Eyes Under Lasik Surgery

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Laser eye surgery, better known as Lasik, has been around for well over a decade now, yet it has developed and come a long way, to the point where it is almost an everyday, outpatient surgery. It is a tested and true way to improve visibility and increase vision in those who decide to take up this kind of surgery. For anyone who still has doubts, they just need to look towards the different celebrities who have had Lasik eye surgery. From sports starts to movie celebrities, there really are hundreds of famous celebs who have had this procedure done. However, here are nine celebrities who have had amazing success stories with Lasik surgery, and many of them you probably wouldn’t have even guessed had the procedure done at all.

Kim Kardashian

I guess you could say “What hasn’t Kim had done”, and that may be somewhat correct, as she has had laser eye surgery. She actually liked wearing her glasses, but Kanye West wrote a song titled “Guilt Trip”, which is all about him wanting to tell Kim how much he hates the glasses. So, what Kanye West Says, Kanye West gets, and Kim decided to schedule the procedure. Now, you don’t need to listen to Kanye, but scheduling an appointment with a Lasik eye surgery New York doctor can improve your vision.

Kim Kardashian lasik

Kim Kardashian lasik